Floral Designer

Right from a young girl {like most other little girls} I had a love of flowers and foliage. I could often be found in the garden or exploring near by bush land ,bringing home a collection of blooms for my Mum. I guess you could say that it was a natural progression for me at 15 yrs old to get a part time job in a flower shop and do some training in the industry.

I'm very blessed to now have the opportunity of running my business from a beautiful studio space in my home, It allows me the freedom to be creative without the distractions that a bricks and mortar shop can bring. Plus I can once again take the time in mother nature to hunt and forage.

I love to create designs that reflect Mother natures beauty, by allowing an arrangement to move and flow the way it wants to. I'm enchanted by whimsical bouquets that have texture and bounce to them and I get bubbles of Joy watching a design come to life. But best of all I get to connect closely with my clients, bringing the personal touch that gives your dream blooms your bespoke look on your day.

Whether I'm creating bridal blooms or custom orders, I use the highest quality fresh blooms that are ordered especially for you and I pride myself on bringing you the details that you deserve.

Karen Mackereth