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About This Little




First let me say big warm welcome to you to my page. However you found this little violet, iam thrilled that you have dropped by.

Now i know this is an obvious statement, but i love Flowers, they are definitely my passion. Its incredible to think that a single gorgeous bloom can say so much and truly melt hearts, they become such an expression of the heart and express so much. So when i get asked to be a couples "FLOWER GAL" to design their blooms for their special wedding day, then im ticked pink! It truly is such an honour to be a part of, so i make it my mission to bring the highest quality flowers to life to create dream florals that will bring the couples vision to life. And any one who knows me will say im a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to details but im ok with that, sometimes its the little touches that mean so much. I definitely know that everything i create has a littl bit of my heart and sould wrapped up in it, and in the quiet space of my home studio i get to pour my love into that one couples florals. 


I hope you will enjoy taking a little look through my page, check out some reviews, swoon over some beautiful blooms and take a peek into the special weddings of some of my gorgeous couples. And if im the Flower Gal for you then im looking forward to hearing from you to start planing your gorgeous blooms.

Thanks Bunches

Karen xx